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Tumblr is really just a big blue High School Musical fansite and everybody knows it


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Fangirl challenge | [10/10] female characters 

"Careful? Tried that once. Ever so dull."

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Costume Changes by DisneyStyle (x)

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You can watch the video here, if you haven’t.

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The intention of this set is to show how Mulan felt when she was taken out the army,  and to show why she thought these things about herself. In her eyes, she was constantly messing up, even if she managed to come back and fix them. (I.E. Having a spare cup, putting out the fire, climbing the pole to reach the arrow, holding the umbrella wrong, not being a perfect bride and even after beating the Huns.)
She still felt like she wasn’t someone worthwhile, she saw nothing in herself. Mulan had some flaws, but managed to overcome them while still being true to herself, and I made this set to show how even people who do good and  help others, mess up sometimes, do things unintentionally, get blamed for things that weren’t their fault, and still come out to be a strong person. Even if for a bit, they don’t think so.  You are Mulan, and you are a warrior.

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A long time ago, she remembered her father saying that when the cold winds blow, the lone wolf dies and the pack survives. He had it all backwards.

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